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About Us

About Us

At we provide you with cheap drugs. While discount costs on medication is our main focus, we are still committed to ensuring the safety and quality of all medicine that is dispensed from our partner pharmacies. As a broker places you in touch with the best prices the various world pharmacies have to offer. Each of our partner pharmacies were specially selected for their commitment to the services provided as well as the cheap prices they offered on your prescription medication. Each prescription drug that is ordered still requires a valid prescription written by a doctor. Once your order has been placed we require a copy of that prescription be sent either by mail or by fax to us at so we can quickly and efficiently ship you the required medications. Each of our partner pharmacies are under strict quality assurance measures, every step possible is taken to ensure the safety and accuracy of each prescription order during fulfillment.

All of our selected pharmacies start with a pharmacist reviewing each prescription, concerns of order accuracy or possible reactions result in contacting the patient's physician for verification. Further assurance is provided by having different pharmacists review the prescription at different stages throughout the processing of each order. carries the same brand name and generic prescription products you would find in your local pharmacy. Quality and reliability is provided to you by delivering prescriptions in tamper proof packaging and where applicable in the manufacturers original packaging. Providing you with the same medication you can purchase at your local pharmacy while saving you money. If you are still not comfortable with medication from worldwide pharmacies, you can choose where your medication is coming from. With partner pharmacies located in various international locations, you can pick the price and country combination that suits you. Or you can simply save up to 75% when you purchase our "Best Buy" generic equivalent medication over your local US pharmacy prices!

In addition to the cheapest prices and the highest standards, believes in providing customers with special services such as our refill reminder program, which ensures your medications are always there when you need them. We also offer another 2.5% savings on every order that is placed online. No gimmicks, No coupons, No membership fees to take advantage of these extra cost savings. To find out just how much we can save you, search for your prescription medication and compare.