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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Price Match Guarantee Policy?

A will match the price of any prescription products dispensed by a recognized, licensed pharmacy, that requires a prescription, and is offering an identical product (same Drug Name, same Manufacturer, same Country of Origin, same Strength) that is in-stock and available for immediately delivery. Price matching will be based on an identical quantity being purchased (as compared to the product being price matched), and after factoring in all dispensing fees including shipping. price matching policy takes into account competitor’s high shipping fees. For example on matching the price of 30 tablets of Canadian Brand Lipitor 10mg that our competitor sells for $48.48 plus a shipping charge of $9.95, we will guarantee to match the total order cost of $58.43. In this example the cost of $50.72 and FREE SHIPPING for the 30 tablets of Lipitor is already cheaper than what our competitor can offer with their extra costs.

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