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CheapoDrugs is committed to saving you money on your prescription drugs and over the counter medicine that you currently purchase. More and more people are forced to choose between their health and the standard of living they have become accustomed to. provides you a way to purchase your required medicine and still meet your current financial obligations! No hidden costs, no membership fees, just great saving on all your prescription needs.

CheapoDrugs connects you with dispensaries around the world offering you tremendous choice and savings on your medication needs. You can save more money, by ordering the generic equivalent of your medications. Generics are therapeutically equivalent to the brand name product, and at a much lower cost. For additional savings, take advantage of our discounts for placing your order online.

New brand name medications are developed under a patent; the original company has the sole right to sell the drug during the patent period. This company charges more for the medication in order to recover the research and marketing costs. When the patent expires, other companies can then start producing the medication. This increases competition and decreases the costs. Patents can expire at different times in different countries, for instance a generic may not be available in the US, but it may be available from another country. This provides the lower price to you at an earlier time.

Generics may be a different color or shape, but medicinally they are equivalent to the brand name product, and at a much lower cost. offers you pricing for all available versions of your medication, plus you can save an additional 2.5% by placing your order online.