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Why So Cheap?


We are often asked how we are able to offer our medications at such low prices? With the ability to purchase your medications over the internet you can now take advantage of global price differences on the same medication. At we have partnered with various pharmacies around the world to take advantage of these price savings. We also can save you up to 75% on each of your prescription drug costs with the purchase of the brand name generic equivalent. You are getting the same active ingredient (stuff that makes the drug work) but at a fraction of the brand name price.

Generic medication is the same as the brand name medication in dosage, safety, active ingredient, strength, how it is taken, quality, performance and intended use. Trademark laws do not allow the generic drugs to look exactly like the brand name medication. However, a generic must duplicate the active ingredient. Colors, flavors, and certain other inactive ingredients may be different. Since generics use the same strength of the active ingredient and are shown to work the same way within the body, they have the same benefits as their brand name counterparts. Often generic medications are cheaper because the manufacturers do not have the same investment costs as the developer of the new medication. A generic drug is made available when the original manufacturer patent has expired, allowing other companies to produce and sell the same medication. With more than one company producing the medication it brings in competition and price cutting. Due to strict government regulations, generic medications are, by law, similar to the original brand name drug, just made by another company.

Not only can you save with your purchase of a generic equivalent medication, but we also offer other cost saving advantages.